How Do I Quickly Get Rid of Unused Range with VBA?

What is unused range?

The best way to explain it would probably be “a residual redundant space” – Excel simply remembers the last cell in which you ever had data even after that data is long gone.

How do I check if my workbook has unused ranges?

Click on a random cell in your sheet and hit Ctrl + Shift + End

Why do I need to clean up unused ranges?

Unused range adds to your file size! Cleaning it regularly helps optimize enormous files

How do I clean up unused ranges?

  1. Identify the unused range by using the Ctrl + Shift + End key combination
  2. Delete the affected rows
  3. Save the workbook

I_hear_yaUsing multiple datasets in your workbook?

I know.. It can be quite annoying if you have to repeat the Ctrl+Shift+End operation, followed by a save on more than 1 worksheet tab.

Hence, you can use the VBA snippet below to clear the unused range in each 😉

NB! the code will still execute first on the active sheet before proceeding to tackle the ones that fulfil the “if-condition”, so be mindful of which your active tab is prior running the script

Happy Excelling!

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