5 Default Pivot Table Settings You Should Reset

You know that annoying bit when every time you’ve refreshed your pivot table, you also need to re-size your columns? 

This is how you can prevent it from happening

Do you see #DIV/0! errors in your pivot tables? No worries, Excel is just reminding you that you cannot divide by 0

Tip: You can also type the value/text you want to see instead of the DIV errors

Do you still see items in your pivot filters even though they no longer exist in your dataset? Can be quite confusing, right? Especially, if you are not the only one looking at the file.

Eliminate by changing the settings below

Do you need to do some number crunching for external parties while at the same time protecting the confidentiality of your data?

This will prevent users of your spreadsheet from accessing the data behind your pivot table through double-clicking on a value

Want to filter a pivot table for more than 1 condition at a time? (e.g. all shops that contain ‘bike’ or ‘bicycle’ in their name and have ordered for more than $5000?

You may notice that trying to apply one of the above condition will automatically cancel the other out.

No fear – there’s a workaround!

Happy Pivotting!

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