How Do I Quickly Change a Pivot Table Summary Function with VBA?

• You’ve got to change a bunch of value fields that have all been automatically added as “Count” instead of “Sum”?

• You need to “average” rather than “sum”?

• You’ve suddenly realized that you should be using “Count Numbers” instead of “Count” in a dozen of your spreadsheet pivot tables?


Cheer up! You can quickly change any of those by using VBA!

NB! Do be cautious!

The code above will change every field in every pivot table in your active workbook, so if you do not want this you will have to restrict its scope by adding some if-then conditions or case statements

Ready for a bit more complicated example?

Check out the one I devised when a change in the source system data meant that I had to alter a calculation method in my report.

Unlike the code above, this one only modifies the fields that have a certain position within a pivot table!

Happy VBA coding!

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