How Do I Quickly Export My Charts to PowerPoint Slides?

Your articles on exporting Excel pivot tables to PowerPoint have come super handy but now I need to copy a bunch of charts… How do I tackle this?

Before you continue, you’ll need to keep a very important difference in mind – namely the one that VBA makes between chart sheets and chart objects

What is a chart sheet? – Any chart that is in a sheet on its own

What is a chart object? – Any chart that is embedded in a sheet

How do I export Chart Sheets?

The VBA code below will loop through all the chart sheets in the ActiveWorkbook, copy them and decide on which slide to paste them in PowerPoint on the basis of their position in the Excel workbook

How do I export interactive Chart Objects?

The code below is especially handy if you need to deal with interactive charts that change depending on a value selected in a drop-down data validation menu

Don’t forget that you’ll need the Microsoft PowerPoint Object Library enabled in the Excel VBA environment for the codes to work

Happy VBA coding!

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