How do I find the difference between two time periods?

Apart from the standard datediff() and timestampdiff(), Vertica and MySQL offer a couple of more ways to go about it:

  • By using the age functions:  age_in_years (current date, start date) and  age_in_months (current date, start date) 

A key thing to remember about these two is that, unlike  datediff (‘years’, start date, current date), they will calculate the months/years between the two dates that have already fully lapsed.

  • By using the months_between (current date, start date) function: as this function does not employ a rounding approach, it will return the exact time in decimals between your two dates. This makes it particularly handy for forecasting future inventory levels.
  • period_diff (later period, earlier period)  calculates the number of months between two  year-month periods

Remember how to get the current year-month period?

Happy SQL-ing!

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