When can a Radar Chart be useful?

If you’ve been using Excel for a while, you’ve probably had to analyse performance, using a number of variables.


 While bar and line charts (or a combination of the two) can be a handy way of doing this, you might also consider the radar chart as a suitable tool to: 


 1. Visualize the performance of multiple indicators (locations) throughout the year

This is especially handy if your indicators tend to fluctuate or exhibit marked differences from period to period

2. Visualize Actual vs. Budget performance for a given month of multiple related indicators 

3. Map competitors

4. Compare service/product attributes

5. Identify the products with the highest unit margin contribution

You can create a radar chart as a regular or as a Pivot Chart.

To be able to take the most from it, however, you need to make sure that the indicators you’re plotting are not very different in scale.


Unlike other charts, the radar chart does not offer the secondary axis option and trying to plot very different values in the same chart will result in the loss of the smaller value indicator

Happy charting!

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