How do I create a doughnut chart in Tableau in 10 easy steps?

We had a quick data viz session the other day at work and one of the points that came up was how visualizing with a doughnut chart is generally a better technique than using a regular pie chart.

But why is that?

interpreting  % share of totals is easier in a doughnut chart as reading is geared towards the length of the arcs rather than the complete slice of the pie

 doughnut charts can be more informative as the blank in the middle can be used to show the total scope of the data!/vizhome/Doughnutchart_3/Categories


Curious how to create a doughnut chart in Tableau?

Follow the steps below!

1. Build a standard pie chart and show its labels

2. Make it fit the entire view

3. Add the number of records as minimum twice

4. Place them on a dual axis

5. Increase the size of the pie chart

6. Remove the category and sales from the second minimum measure

7. Switch colour of the second minimum to white

8. Reduce the size of the second minimum

9. Add Sales to the Label of the second minimum

10. Add Sales to the Label of the first minimum twice – once as a number and once as a % of Total Calculation

Happy vizzing!

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