How can I sort by the values of a sub-category in Tableau?

I was thrilled to attend a live #MakeoverMonday at the Netherlands Tableau User Group today.

We were given 45 minutes to re-design the following viz

I decided to go for a simple bar chart with a few twists

As it was an inverted scale in which 1 would represent the highest rank and 10 the lowest, it was crucial that the length of the bar would reflect this, rather than the default

Therefore, I added a simple extra calculation


I also wanted to add an easier way of sorting than the default and non-user-friendly one

The solution there was to create:

  • a separate calculated field for each age group
  • a parameter calculation
  • an extra field to use as a filter


Want to check out the interactive viz? You can do so here

Happy Vizzing!

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