How do I quickly add extra characters to a cell?

Has any of you used JIRA as an analysis documentation tool?

My team has decided that apart from managing the regular sprint planning, we’re also going to be keeping track of changes made to Tableau datasources in JIRA.

This also meant that all additional calculations that had been added to a datasource on top of its regular SQL-based view had to be described in the relevant JIRA ticket. This wouldn’t have been so problematic had it not been for the specific formatting that JIRA requires in order to recgnize input as a table

Adding vertical bars manually to 1 or two descriptions wouldn’t have been problematic but doing so for my 20+ definitions would have been been pretty time-consuming.

Luckily, there was a VBA code I could employ to speed up things a bit. Remember the code we used to enclose a string in single quotes? Well, this one uses a pretty similar logic. Rather than single quotes, though, it adds vertical bars

Sub AddJIRATableBars()
Dim Cell As Range
Dim oldvalue As String
For Each Cell In ActiveSheet.Range("A1:H" & ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count)
On Error Resume Next
oldvalue = Cell.Value
Cell.Value = "|" & oldvalue
Next Cell
End Sub

Happy VBA coding!